1701vip黄金城集团|美国大学开发人造指纹 能解锁全球1/3手机

1701vip黄金城集团-官方网站|Artificial fingerprints have been developed by researchers who say they could one day be used to hack into everyday devices.研究人员于日前研发出有了人造指纹,相提并论其未来将可被用来关卡日常设备。Researchers from New York University and Michigan State University successfully generated what they call DeepMasterPrints.纽约大学和密歇根州立大学的研究人员顺利研发出有了“深度自学指纹”。These are machine-learning methods that act as a kind of masterkey which, the researchers claim, have the potential to unlock about one in three fingerprint-protected smartphones.研究人员称之为,这种基于机器学习的算法相等于一把“万能钥匙”,有潜力关卡大约1/3的不受指纹维护的智能手机。

Phones and many more devices dont capture your entire fingerprint, researchers told CNBC over the phone. Theres not enough space on the device, so they capture a partial fingerprint -- which is not as secure as the full image.研究人员在拒绝接受消费者新闻与商业频道电话专访时回应:“手机和许多其它设备并没捕捉到你的全部指纹信息。因为设备存储空间受限,它们只是捕猎了部分指纹,其安全性不如原始图像。”Many developers were already making fingerprint scanners more secure by moving sensors from devices buttons to screens, allowing them to pick up higher resolution images.许多开发者早已开始通过将感应器从设备的按键移往到屏幕,让其收集到精度更高的图像,从而使指纹扫瞄的安全性更高。


Some smartphones have the sensors on the side buttons, which are very thin -- theyre convenient but less secure, the researchers said. Their sensors only register a quarter or so of the fingerprints features.研究人员回应:“一些智能手机的侧边按钮上有十分厚的感应器,这虽然很便利,但不过于安全性。它们的感应器只记录了指纹特征的四分之一左右。|1701vip黄金城集团-官方网站。



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